Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


22 November 2017

Reimagining Citizenship

Presented By Dr Stéphanie Jamet from the Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts of Besançon (France)
  • 12.00-2.00pm
  • Martin Hall building - MHL007

About this event

This event will also include a collectively curated ephemeral exhibition on Reimagining Citizenship. We kindly ask participants to make a contribution on the day in the form of bringing a short text, an image, a sound, an artefact or a thought.

Stéphanie Jamet is an Art Historian and professor at ISBA-Besançon. Her current research focuses on the notions of resistance, production and de-production in the representation of the sleep and the syncope state. Among her recent publications are Regards sur le sommeil (Paris: Le Manuscrit, 2015) and Syncope in Performing and Visual Arts co-edited with Fred Dalmasso (Le Manuscrit, 2017). Her contribution will focus on the work of Contrat Social, one of ISBA’s research groups, whose aim is to question the commitment of the artist; i.e. the artist as a citizen. How can artists reimagine their place within today’s society? How can they build a new relationship with people who are foreign to art by finding new places, new moments, new actions inspired by social utopian Charles Fourier or Pierre-Joseph Proudhon and Besançon’s history of worker politics?

Please bring your own lunch.