Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


6 September 2017

Charlottesville protest: doing analysis of recent events

Presented By Jack Joyce
  • 1-2.30pm (a DARG event)
  • B1.14 Brockington Building

About this event

‘I will be bringing some data from a VICE documentary on the recent Charlottesville protest. The full documentary can be found here, although I will only be showing select parts for analysis. The video includes horrible acts of hate speech and viewer discretion is advised.

Some initial questions to start discussion, and provide a smidge of focus.

  • What are the category-relevant spaces established by members?
  • What strategies are employed in the negotiation of violence?
  • How are members’ beliefs about others enacted? 

There are some readings which may help inform this session:

Eglin, P. & Hester, S. (2003). The Montreal Massacre: A Story of Membership Categorisation Analysis. Waterloo, ON: Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

Clifton, J. (2009). A Membership Categorisation Analysis of the Waco siege: Perpetrator-victim identity as a moral discrepancy device for doing subversion. Sociological Research Online. 14(5). Available at: http://www.socresonline.org.uk/14/5/8.html

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