Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


7 June 2017

Handing over an object as an interaction vehicle: The embodied actions of a child to initiate mutual encounter

Presented By Julia Katila
  • 1-2.30pm ( a DARG event)
  • Brockington U1.22

About this event

"Handing over an object to somebody is a common interaction practice that is usually adopted either as giving / offering an object to somebody (e.g. Kärkkäinen and Keisanen 2012; Rossi, 2014), or as requesting for help, if the person who is handing over the object desires to get rid of the object. These cases usually consist of practical occasions where the need to give or give away the object stem from local, environment- and object-specific context. I am interested in a phenomenon, where this is not the case but the practice of handing over an object is primarily adopted as an interaction practice to initiate mutual interaction. Consequently, the targets of the handovers do not show any embodied displays of needing or being interested in the objects, and the object is usually clearly irrelevant to the action in which the target of the handover is occupied.

The session consists of a small introduction to study and “speed-data-sessions” of 3 or more data extracts of the phenomenon. The data covers ~100 examples (collection in process) of these interaction initiators mostly made by one child, who is around two and a half or three years old at the time of the recording."