Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


24 May 2017

“Have you packed your bags yet?” EU migrants’ experiences of hate crime in Lincolnshire, England post Brexit vote

Presented By Karen Lumsden and Alex Black
  • 1-2pm (part of the CRCC seminar series)
  • Brockington U1.22

About this event

Hate crimes against migrant populations have increased leading up to, and in the wake of, Brexit – the referendum concerning UK membership in the European Union. A Home Office report published in October 2016 revealed an increase of 41% (compared to the same month in the previous year) in the number of racially or religiously aggravated crimes recorded by police in England and Wales following the EU referendum. Other strands of hate crime (i.e. sexual orientation, disability, transgender identity) also saw increases between 2014/15 and 2015/16. Work by the Institute of Race Relations (2010) also demonstrates how the geography of racist hate crimes in the UK has changed in recent years moving from predominantly large urban areas (with long histories of racial tensions) into rural areas, towns and smaller cities. The scope of racist hate crime has also changed to include the targeting of asylum seekers, migrant workers, and foreign nationals. This paper presents preliminary findings from a qualitative study of EU migrants’ experiences of hate crime in Lincolnshire, England, post Brexit vote. Lincolnshire recorded the highest leave vote in the 2016 EU referendum with over 75% of voters in the town of Boston voting to leave (BBC, 2016). Boston is also home to the highest concentration of EU migrants after London (Chakelian, 2016). The findings focus on community relations and tensions, victims’ experiences of racism and hate (in the workplace and public spaces), identity and markers of difference, and the normalization of racism.

This event is part of the CRCC seminar series.