Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


17 May 2017

Talk about Power of Attorney in lay and medical contexts

Presented By Rosie Harding & Liz Peel
  • 1-2.30pm (a DARG event)
  • B1.14 Brockington Building

About this event

"This paper explores the different ways that the concept of ‘Power of Attorney’ (the legal authority to nominate a person who can make substitute decisions when the donor lacks mental capacity) is constructed in lay and medical discourse. Through analysis of the content and construction of discourse and talk-in-interaction, we explore the subtle differences in meaning making in these contexts. We argue that Power of Attorney is an example of ‘polyphonic legality’, where each discursive realm contributes important elements of the socio-legal ‘truth’ of Power of Attorney.

In DARG we’re presenting data extracts (both ‘lay’ conversations, and medical interactions) from a carers’ focus group discussion; a daycentre conversation between a carer and a ‘friend’; and memory clinic interactions between a psychiatrist and people living with dementia and family carers.

We are interested in any and all DARG insights on these data! Having said this, we’re especially interested in how expertise on PoA is accomplished in the medical interactions."