Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


21 April 2017

Online Othering

Presented By Karen Lumsden and Emily Harmer

About this event

This one-day conference explores the ‘othering’ and discrimination encountered by individuals online and in social media contexts and cultures.

It problematizes and analyses the dichotomy presented between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ worlds (and spaces) by exploring the motivations behind certain offending and ‘othering’ behaviours, and the impact this has on victims.

Key questions:

  • Are the motivations for committing forms of cyber-abuse and ‘othering’ the same as in the ‘real world’?
  • How can police and other agencies potentially intervene in order to regulate and govern virtual space(s)?
  • To what extent do these forms of information and communication facilitate, exacerbate, or promote, the enactment of traditional offline offences (such as domestic abuse and stalking)?

The conference focuses on these questions in relation to the experiences and perpetration of gendered violence online, hate crime, Islamophobia, homophobia and the intersections between and across these.

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Professor Shaun Lawson (University of Northumbria): Online Fear and Othering.
  • Dr Kaitlynn Mendes (University of Leicester): “I’m going to tell them that they’re all fat’ - Feminist organisers experiences with and responses to online misogyny.
  • Professor Michael Rowe, Dr Ruth Lewis, and Dr Clare Wiper (University of Northumbria): Online/offline continuities: Online abuse of feminists as a form of violence against women.
  • Dr Karen Lumsden (Loughborough University): Media framing of trolling and online abuse: Silencing strategies, symbolic violence and victim-blaming.
  • Dr Karen Lumsden and Dr Alex Black (Loughborough University): Analysis of police reports of online crime: Revenge porn and domestic violence offences.
  • Dr Aaron Winter (University of East London): Online hate movements: From the far-right to the 'alt-right and from the margins to the mainstream.'
  • Chief Superintendent Chris Todd (West Midlands Police): Cyber-stalking and domestic abuse.
  • Detective Chief Inspector Edward McBryde-Wilding (Leicestershire Police / EMSOU) Cyber-crime and trolling.

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