Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


29 March 2017

Data, discussion, and debate: Implications of advances in data collection and analysis

Presented By Jessica Robles
  • 3.00-4.30pm (a DARG event)
  • B1.14 Brockington Building

About this event

"In a non-traditional form of data session-ish, I will bring data from a home movie recording featuring Christmas gift distribution to serve as a centerpiece for the following debate/discussion points:

  1. In a world of increasing technology - where we might have multiple cameras on a scene, where people are filming from angles not accessible to members and monitoring cortisol levels in people's spit - what counts as data, and what of our data do we need to analytically account for?
  2. Multimodality and embodiment are swiftly becoming a necessary component of analysis where possible; do we need to rethink our assumptions about identities in a context where "what people look like" is a visible resource, capable of being oriented to in a way that might not have been captured by prior standard text-only transcription methods?"