Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


16 November 2016

Options and needs in undergraduate supervision & Accounts in undergraduate supervision advice sequences

Presented By Marion West
  • Session one: 1-2:30 pm | Session two: 3-4:30 pm (a DARG event)
  • U1.22

About this event

Session one:

“I will present data (90 seconds) from an audio-recording of a meeting between a History undergraduate and his dissertation supervisor. The student has drafted some chapters. The two adjacent sequences both start with advice implicative questions (Butler et al 2010): “Have you got this quotation right?” and “Have you answered the question posed at the beginning?”

I am interested in the tensions between the tutor’s pedagogic goals, the student’s face needs and agency, and the pair’s epistemic stance, bearing in mind the student’s draft is in front of them (though we have no access to it).”

Session two:

“I will present data from an audio-recording of a meeting with a Media Studies undergraduate and her dissertation supervisor. This student is still at the planning stage.

I am interested in the build-up, solidification and recycling of advice and its uptake (Waring 2007).

I would also welcome discussion on how best to approach this in analysis, as benefit and problem accounts feature amid authority accounts (Angell and Bolden 2015), and this is not to ignore stepwise advice negotiation (Park 2014)."

This is event is part of the Discourse and Rhetoric Group (DARG) events series.