Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


16 November 2016

Alienation in Digital Capitalism

Presented By Andreas Wittel, Nottingham Trent University
  • 1-2 pm (part of the CRCC Seminar Series)
  • Brockington U1.22

About this event

Alienation is a concept in political economy that did not feature prominently over the last three or four decades. Even now, with the more recent rise of interest in Marxist theory the concept of alienation has not attracted much attention. This paper makes a case to revisit alienation in the age of digital capitalism. It begins with an introduction of the four types of alienation as outlined in Marx’s Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts. It then revisits alienation theory in the Frankfurt School. The third part of the paper examines alienation in immaterial labour. The final parts is an attempt to rethink alienation as species-being for the age of digital capitalism.

This event is part of the CRCC Seminar Series.