Centre for Research in Communication and Culture


2 November 2016

Data from the Conversational Rollercoaster

Presented By Saul Albert
  • 1-2:30 pm (a DARG event)
  • Brockington Building B1.14

About this event

Saul Albert presents a data session.

"The Conversational Rollercoaster is a production-line 'demo' format for EMCA research, which had its debut at New Scientist Live in September at the Excel exhibition centre in London (see rolsi.net: https://rolsi.net/teaching-2/guest-blog-saul-albert-and-colleagues-on-the-conversational-rollercoaster-ca-exhibition/). This event involved members of the public having a go at 'being the data' by participating in the live-streamed and video recorded participatory talk-show 'Talkaoke' (http://talkaoke.com). Visitors were then invited to join a group of analysts who assisted them in learning EMCA methods: spotting and collecting video clips showing how other visitors joined, participate in and left the Talkaoke table. The video data we will be looking at in this session includes a few short clips from these real-time collections as well as a few clips from previous Talkaokes at the Excel.

I have a few questions based on phenomena the visitor-analysts collected:

  • How do people come to sit down at the Talkaoke table?
  • How do they work to get/avoid the microphone and speak?
  • How do they leave the table?
  • More generally what are the apparent rules/ethno-methods of Talkaoke? And of the Conversational Rollercoaster itself?

On that last point I have a few questions in mind about what we can learn from this data about how groups develop methods for producing emergent roles (e.g. visitors as visitors / visitors 'being the data' at Talkaoke / visitors as analysts / analysts as visitors being the data at Talkaoke / analysts as instructors or explainers / analysts as analysts etc.)."

This event is part of the the Discourse and Rhetoric Group (DARG) event series.