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SE Controls

  • Developing expertise in control system design and thermal modelling

SE Controls – leading specialist providers of innovative and adaptive smoke and natural ventilation control systems – design, manufacture, install and maintain systems for the new build and refurbishment markets.

Their products and expertise create healthy, safe and energy efficient working environments.

The challenge

By modern standards, older business and industrial building stock was often poorly designed for energy efficiency, occupant comfort and air quality.

SE Controls identified a market opportunity – installing natural ventilation control systems during remedial maintenance and improvement work. Changes to UK legislation requiring a growing number of buildings to provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) boosted the potential of this opportunity.

Use of computer simulation software is essential at the design stage of intelligent control systems as well as during assessments of energy performance. However, SE Controls did not have the necessary expertise in-house.

The solution

Experts in the School of Civil and Building Engineering are at the forefront of building energy use and performance modelling. 

A two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) – supported by £72,000 Innovate UK funding – allowed SE Controls to work with these specialists to develop building testing models, simulations and natural ventilation strategies.

The benefits

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership has provided SE Controls with a significant competitive advantage by providing them with unparalleled knowledge of control system design and thermal modelling. They are now able to

  • Offer energy efficiency services to existing commercial buildings, using sophisticated building simulation, natural ventilation and intelligent control systems
  • Implement a global strategy that includes a far more comprehensive design service, enabling the company to influence projects at a much earlier stage of the build process 

As a result, the company has reported an increase in annual turnover.

The KTP has strengthened the company’s existing relationship with the University – and it now sponsors the MSc in Low Carbon Building Design and Modelling.

The KTP has been a massive game-changer for achieve the competitive advantages we were striving for.

Will Perkins
Managing Director - SE Controls