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Mobile technologies transform informational processes in UK and international police forces
Mobile technologies transform informational processes in UK and international police forces

Improving police efficiency and effectiveness

  • Mobile technologies transform informational processes in UK and international police forces

Research into information management has transformed informational processes in Leicestershire police and has been adopted by other police forces across the UK and internationally.

The University was approached by Leicestershire Police in 2007 to assist with the selection, implementation and embedding of a mobile policing system.

The research – undertaken by Dr Louise Cooke, Professor Tom Jackson and Dr Rachael Lindsay – led to the development of an information management toolkit that went far beyond enabling a functional analysis of the technical features of information and knowledge systems.

For example, information seeking and sharing behaviour of Leicestershire Police was analysed and a mobile-Technology Acceptance Model was developed alongside a business-process approach to introducing knowledge management systems.

The full impact of the introduction of information management systems was also evaluated, taking into account the limitations and impact that Freedom of Information legislation and media behaviour exert on information management practice in UK police forces.

The extensive research – together with the development of the information management toolkit – led to the adoption of Mobile Data Terminals with a Citrix Operating System in response vehicles.

This solution provided Leicestershire Police with a user-friendly interface and keyboard, with full desktop access to all officer information systems, mimicking desktop access available in the police station and reducing the need for response officers to return to base.

The solution is now being adopted by other police forces in the UK and beyond.



    The in-car Mobile Data Terminals have contributed directly to higher street visibility, higher profile neighbourhood policing, and reduced time spent on bureaucracy for Leicestershire Police.


    Leicestershire Police report that the reduced need for response officers to return to base contributed to financial productivity improvements of over £5m for 2009 and 2010.


    Mobile Data Terminals are facilitating modernisation of policing and new ways of working including more remote working in rural areas, real-time intelligence-led policing for major crime investigations and more efficient crime reporting with time taken reduced from three days to 11 minutes.


    To date, 15 UK forces have visited Leicestershire Police to see the Mobile Data Terminals in action –several now use the system or are in negotiation with suppliers. The system is also used in Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan.