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Model-based systems engineering and advanced visualisation techniques synthesise complex information
Model-based systems engineering and advanced visualisation techniques synthesise complex information

Multi-disciplinary and multi-scale systems

  • Using model-based systems engineering and advanced visualisation techniques to synthesise complex information

Systems processes are becoming increasing complex and inter-connected – exceeding the ability of one individual to comprehend all their properties and interactions.

Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) is a technique to aid understanding in such environments and to support improved design. However, the ability to model and simulate across multi-disciplinary boundaries is a serious challenge for the success of the approach.

Loughborough research - conducted over 10 years - has allowed simulations and visualisations of multi-disciplinary and multi-scale problems to become tractable.

We have developed specialised and advanced systems engineering approaches and architectures that have allowed tools to be produced which dramatically improve performance across a diverse range of technical domains, spanning helicopter flight testing and morbidity reduction in medical procedures.

The techniques have been used practically by the defence industry (BAE Systems) to reduce the requirements for physical flight testing in poor visibility situations by the use of advanced simulation mechanisms.

In the medical domain, the techniques have allowed information from multiple specialists to be combined in the treatment of Tetralogy of Fallot – the most common cause of blue baby syndrome. This has led to a reduction in morbidity and mortality from the syndrome in Rennes, France where the techniques have been adopted.



    Innovative modelling and simulation techniques enable the handling and understanding of complex data sets


    Evidence-based decisions have enabled clinical interventions, reducing morbidity and mortality


    Helicopter flight testing has become safer and cheaper