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European Marine Energy Centre

  • Enhancing marine energy technologies

Our oceans create kinetic energy which can be harnessed to generate electricity and supply a significant amount of sustainable energy worldwide.

Established in 2003, the European Marine Energy Centre supports the development of wave and tidal energy converters – providing the world’s only purpose-built, accredited open-sea facilities to test emerging renewable power technologies.

The challenge

When adding environmental and condition monitoring to their portfolio, the Centre needed to access advanced technical expertise in underwater acoustics to establish the new service.

The solution

The University’s Advanced Signal Processing Group (ASPG) provides underwater acoustics and noise impact expertise internationally to a wide range of off- and near-shore industries.

During a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) – part-funded by an Innovate UK grant of almost £90,000 – the ASPG worked with EMEC to develop acoustic calibration, quality control and analysis protocols as well as equipment and survey methodology updates, including device noise and operational surveys.

The benefits

The KTP enabled EMEC to transform an aspiration into a reality: the company can now offer acoustic services rather than sub-contract this element of projects it undertakes. It can also provide its wave and tidal developer clients guidance on acoustic monitoring in line with regulatory requirements as well as device diagnostics. 

The knowledge and expertise generated by the project has been embedded at EMEC via training delivered by the KTP Associate who is now employed by the Centre.

Page image: Mike Brookes-Roper, courtesy of EMEC
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EMEC has benefited from the transfer of expert knowledge from the University and from becoming recognised as a provider of high-quality work in the underwater acoustics field.

Michael Butler
KTP Associate now employed by EMEC