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Informing freshwater management strategy and policy world-wide
Informing freshwater management strategy and policy world-wide

Future-proofing global water and energy supplies

  • Informing freshwater management strategy and policy worldwide

Research conducted at Loughborough has led to the development of regional climate modelling techniques, climate risk assessments, and adaptation planning approaches for freshwater and energy infrastructure used world-wide. Professor Wilby’s work also informs international policy-making decisions.

In 2001, the first version of the Statistical DownScaling Model (SDSM) was made available online. The free tool can be accessed by practitioners across the globe involved in predicting the potential impacts of climate change on water resources.

Since then, SDSM has undergone progressive updates, making it even more valuable as a robust tool for adaptation planning. Endorsements and referrals by organisations – including the UN – have seen the number of downloads rise rapidly.

As well as supporting adaptation planning with SDSM, Professor Wilby has also provided advisory services to policy-makers in Government and industry as well as training to practitioners.

His contribution to global environmental sustainability also stretches to the design and build of new water supply systems and nuclear power facilities – ensuring their long-term adaptability whatever the future holds.


    Up to September 2013, there have been 7,000 downloads – from more than 100 countries – of the SDSM software


    Professor Wilby has provided technical advice on climate scenarios and risk management to a range of government and non-governmental organisations world-wide


    His work also informs the development of future-proof nuclear facilities