Our vision

We will transform the existing Mathematical Cognition Group (MCG) at Loughborough into a Centre for Mathematical Cognition.

This will involve expanding in three directions. We will:

increase our capacity to conduct basic scientific research on mathematical cognition and learning through an expanded Science of Learning Unit;
establish an Educational Trials Unit to trial interventions designed to improve mathematics learning, and to study how RCT methods can be improved;
create a new Design Unit that sits between these groups, informing and being informed by both.
a girl writing out sums on a board

This expansion will be transformational to the MCG, and to the field of education research in general, by establishing a discipline-specific bidirectional pipeline of research where a scientific understanding of learning and cognition is connected to the development of mathematical pedagogy which is then evaluated in educational trials.

Situating the three units within the same Centre is crucial. By ensuring bidirectional interactions between the three units, the Design Unit will be able to base their pedagogical materials on a rigorous scientific understanding of learning processes, and an appreciation of factors that typically lead to high-fidelity implementations in real-world classrooms at scale. Similarly, the Science of Learning Unit’s research will be informed by the priorities of both designers and those who implement large-scale educational interventions.