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Below is a list of available theses from CICE's graduates.


Exploring the effectiveness of BIM for energy performance management of non-domestic buildings
Dr Tristan Gerrish
ISBU modular construction and building design prototypes
Dr Adrian Robinson
Investigating the business process implications of managing road works and street works
Dr Rizwana Shaheen Hussain


A protocol for the conservation of the built heritage of Suakin
Dr Kate Ashley
Assessing initial embodied energy in UK non-domestic construction projects
Dr Philip Davies
The application of product service systems for hydraulic excavators (CLOSED ACCESS)
Dr Felix Ng
Reducing the environmental impact of construction through use of geosynthetics
Dr Jamil Raja
Towards a framework to enable construction small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to manage sustainability (CLOSED ACCESS)
Dr James Upstill-Goddard
Realising offsite construction in the civil engineering and infrastructure sector
Dr Vasileios Vernikos


Enhancing the understanding of lime stabilisation processes
Dr Paul Beetham
Decision problem structuring for selection of fixed firefighting systems
Dr Simon Bird
Increasing energy efficiency through goal alignment in the workplace: a retail study (CLOSED ACCESS)
Dr Sian Christina
Developing sustainable household waste management - a Local Authority approach to zero waste
Dr Christine Cole
Operational performance assessment of decentralised energy and district heating systems
Dr Oliver Martin-Du Pan
Innovation in construction techniques for tall buildings
Dr Ian Skelton
Multi-scale analysis of the energy performance of supermarkets
Dr Maria Spyrou


Product stewardship as a novel sustainability pathway for the UK precast concrete industry
Dr Abdullahi Aliyu
Combining elemental and molecular mass spectrometry to study 3 types of biologically important compounds: DNA, phosphopeptides and anticancer drugs
Dr Claire Camp
Hybrid semantic-document models
Dr Darren Clowes
On-site application of self-compacting concrete (SCC)
Dr David Rich
Design and performance of precast concrete structures
Dr Gary Robinson
The dimensional variation analysis of complex mechanical systems
Dr Leslie Sleath


Improving predictions of operational energy performance through better estimates of small power consumption
Dr Anna Kossman de Menezes
ERP system implementation in UK Joinery SMEs
Dr Anoud Bani-Hani
Repair and corrosion management of reinforced concrete structures
Dr Christian Christodoulou
Routine procedure for the assessment of rail-induced vibration
Dr Jorge D'Avillez
In situ performance and numerical analysis of lining systems for waste containment
Dr Katarzyna Zamara
Enacting product-service business models: the role of lean thinking
Dr Nicola Morrey
Investigating the multiple influences affecting sustainability in a multidisciplinary engineering consultancy
Dr Richard Willets
The management of renewable energy technologies implementations within a contracting organisation's processes
Dr Tristan Williams


A non-contact laser ablation cell for mass spectrometry
Dr Dhinesh Asogan
Improving innovation and project performance in construction professional services firms: The leadership role of middle managers
Dr John Kissi
An investigation into the practical and theoretical aspects of hybrid cathodic protection
Dr Steven Holmes
Developing a sustainability assessment framework for ready-mixed concrete
Dr Shamir Ghumra
Carbon emissions evaluation for highway management and maintenance
Dr Emioshor Itoya
An investigation into resilient fire engineering building design
Dr Peter Wilkinson


Methods for Risk Based Life Management for Offshore Structures and Equipment
Dr Ujjwal Bharadwaj
Improving Lessons Learnt Outcomes in Multi-phase Project Environments
Dr Paul Fuller
Value Enhanced Collaborative Working (VECW)
Dr Udityasinh Gohil
The Fire Performance of Engineered Timber Products and Systems
Dr Danny Hopkin
Deducing water parameters in rivers via statistical modelling
Dr Ahmed Moustafa
Visual Information and Knowledge Representation in Organisations
Dr Behzad Nowbati
Improving Innovation Management in Construction
Dr Nick Shaw
Improvements in the Effectiveness of Information Management in Construction Organisations
Dr Abdullahi Sheriff
The Development of a Tool to Predict Team Performance
Dr Murray Sinclair
The application of intramolecular n-acyliminium cyclisation strategies towards biologically active heterocycles
Dr Joannah Towler


Computer-aided Applications in Process Plant Safety (CONFIDENTIAL)
Dr Hong An
Optimising Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to Assess Pavements
Dr Robert Evans
Investigating the Structural Frame Decision Making Process
Dr Hasan Haroglu
Structural Integrity Assessment of C-Mn Pipeline Steels Exposed to Sour Environments
Dr Colum Holtam
Individual and collective success: the social dynamics of multidisciplinary design teamwork
Dr Dina Koutsikouri
Automated Retrieval and Extraction of Training Course Information from Unstructured Web Pages
Dr Daniela Xhemali


A Comparison of Procurement Methods and the Merits of Thinking in Highways Maintenance
Dr Mary Ansell
Innovation in the design of continuous flight auger and bored displacements piles
Dr David Baxter
Managing Technical Knowledge to Enhance Organisational Best Practice
Dr James Bishop
Transforming Traditional Mechanical and Electrical Construction to a Modern Process of Assembly
Dr Peter Court
Developing a Sector Sustainability Strategy for the UK Precast Concrete Industry
Dr Ian Holton
Collaborative Engineering for Virtual Project Teams incorporating wireless Web-based facilities Management
Dr Sean McAndrew
Computer Aided Hazard Identification of Batch Operations (CONFIDENTIAL)
Dr Claire Palmer
Membrane surface modification: techniques, properties and applications (CONFIDENTIAL)
Dr Michael Stillwell
Organisational development: values and the sustainable workplace
Dr Xiaoxing (Grace) Zhang


Advanced Communication technologies to Support Collaboration in Construction CONFIDENTIAL
Dr Shabbir Ahsan
Improving interoperability of AEC collaborative software through the creation of Data Exchange Standards (CONFIDENTIAL)
Dr Scott Moses
Exploiting Email – Extracting Knowledge to Support Knowledge Sharing
Dr Sara Tedmori
An examination of the relationship between skills development and productivity in the construction industry
Dr Mohamed Abdel Wahab


Laboratory characterisation of pavement foundation materials
Dr Paul Edwards
Novel assessment test for granular road foundation materials
Dr John Lambert
Analysis of steep sided landfill lining systems
Dr Gary Fowmes
OVID-BV: Optimising Value in Decision Making for Best value in the UK Social Housing Sector
Dr Stephen Phillips


Application of Geographic Information System to Labour Market Planning
Dr Claire Anumba
A structured approach to improving organisational knowledge, business processes and management systems
Dr Isao Matsumoto
Sustainable Construction: A Web-based Performance Assessment Tool
Dr Israel Adetunji


Application of Mobile IT in Construction
Dr Sarah Bowden
Pedestrian Flow Modelling – Benefits and Applications within Industry
Dr David Brocklehurst
ICT-enabled Collaborative Working Methodologies in Construction
Dr Steven Yeomans


APRON: Agent-Based Specification and Procurement within the AEC industry
Dr Esther Obonyo
Development of an Integrated Product Information Management System
Dr Abidemi Owolabi
The Capture and Integration of Construction Site Data
Dr Michael Ward
Business Process Implications of E-Commerce in Construction
Dr Kirti Ruikar


Development of an Integrated Business Improvement System for Construction
Dr Simon Beatham
Improving Design Management Techniques in Construction
Dr Lee Bibby
Detection of Reinforcement Corrosion by an Acoustic Technique
Dr Matthew Ing
The Application of Visualisation Techniques to the Process of Building Performance Analysis
Dr Matthew Pilgrim



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