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Prospective sponsors

Prospective Sponsors

How are the projects chosen?

Projects are selected from submissions of project outlines from the sponsoring companies to the Centre. There are five main themes that the project should fall into:

  • Innovative Construction Technologies
  • Construction Business Processes
  • Advanced Information and Communications Technologies
  • Sustainable Design and Construction
  • Transport and Infrastructure

How do we assess the candidates’ suitability?

The candidates have two interviews. First a Centre-based academic interview is undertaken to assess academic suitability for the programme and to ensure that they meet University and EPSRC requirements.  The Centre then forwards CVs of potential candidates to the appropriate company contact and works with them to  arrange the interviews. Should the sponsor wish to recruit a chosen candidate they must inform the Centre who will then write to the candidate with an offer.

Where is the Research Engineer based?

The Research Engineer (RE) spends approximately 70-80% of their within the company premises.  Therefore adequate IT facilities and desk space need to be provided. The RE attends the University for the taught modules as well as for examinations and meetings with other REs or their supervisors. The amount of time spent at the University in each Semester is dependent on how many taught modules the RE is taking and /or the type of work required.

Can we put forward an Internal Applicant?

Yes. Appointing an employee as an RE allows the standard studentship to be converted to an industrial studentship, as detailed below.  This means the RE can receive a salary from the company plus benefits/pension contributions etc. as before.  They can work on a project related to their area of expertise within the company, however the applicant still needs to complete the application form and attend an academic interview at the University.

It must be emphasised that the programme is four years full time so under this form of studentship the RE must only be carrying out EngD related work.

What does the Company top-up to the RE stipend?

If the RE is already an employee of the company they can receive an Industrial Studentship which means that the University will pay the company a contribution of £10k per annum (to be invoiced by the company quarterly and in arrears) and the RE can therefore keep their benefits and continue to receive a salary. 

If the RE is not already an employee of the company, they are paid a minimum top-up of £3,000 p.a. by the sponsoring company. The University will invoice the company, usually in October, unless they specifically request a quarterly invoice. The top up is then paid directly to the RE in monthly instalments by the University.

Please note: an annual £3k Centre contribution is payable in each case.

What about Tax and NI?

When the company pays the RE’s top-up through the Centre, there are no Tax and National Insurance deductions (i.e. the top up is Tax and NI free)

Who pays for the REs expenses?

There are guidelines available on RE expenses. Generally they are met by both the company and the Centre.

Why does the Company need to appoint an Industrial Supervisor and an Industrial Co-ordinator?

The role of the Industrial Supervisor is to oversee the RE’s day to day work.  The role of the Industrial Co-ordinator is to maintain an overview of the whole programme so that in the event of the Industrial Supervisor leaving the company, there is somebody with knowledge of the REs work and  how the programme works to provide continuity.

Does the RE only work on the EngD?

Yes, the EngD is a full-time programme.  Although based in the company it is expected that the RE will only work on research associated with their EngD project. There are notes available as to how the taught element of the EngD operates, which provide the company with an idea of how much time the RE will be spending at the University.

Is the RE expected to work on a single project?

Not necessarily. The EngD project may be a single project or a series of interrelated  smaller projects that fit within an agreed theme/title i.e. two or three connected work packages.

Do the Research Engineers work the same pattern as other University students?

No. The Research Engineer will be expected to work under the same conditions of employment as other employees within the sponsoring companies. Therefore, leave etc must be discussed with the supervisors.

What about Intellectual Property Rights?

The Centre will send each sponsoring company an EngD Agreement which needs to be read, amended if necessary (under mutual agreement), signed and returned to the Centre.

How often should the supervisor meet with the RE?

Guidelines are available on how often the RE should meet with the Supervisors but generally they should be held regularly (approx once a month with at least two supervisors), and as often as necessary.

Are there any other commitments?

Sponsors and supervisors are invited to an Annual Open Day held in May.  New supervisors are invited to an induction day, held in September, to induct them on the requirements of the programme and supervision. In addition to the RE meetings, other workshops and meetings may also require attendance by the supervisors as required to satisfy project requirements.



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