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Dr Felix Ng


The application of product service systems for hydraulic excavators (CLOSED ACCESS)

Project Title

The Evaluation of the Principles of Product Service System (PSS) to JCB & the possibility to optimise the machines’ design


J C Bamford Excavators Limited


Prof Jenny Harding
Prof Jacqueline Glass

Mr Jon Lyle
Mr Miles Pixley
Mr Peter Jowett

Director of Research:
Professor Stephen Ison

Research Period

2010 - 2014



The Evaluation of the Principles of Product Service System (PSS) to JCB & the possibility to optimise the machines’ design

The proposed research is to look at the possibility in implementing PSS into JCB product range. The idea to service/maintain a purchased machine always appears to be cheaper than buying a brand new machine. Furthermore, it is cheaper for the company to service/upgrade their customer’s machines in both hardware and software than producing a new one. Both material and operations expenses can be reduced and the saved budget can be put onto other areas that are most needed.

 The main research objectives are:

a)      Exploration of the PSS idea, the level of research that have been done so far and how it can be integrated/ developed to suit construction machineries industries such as JCB.

  • Identify the values in implementing product service system
  • Identify any benefits in the product service system idea
    • Market Value
    • Production Cost
    • Value chain
  • Understand the usage profile of constructional /agricultural machines 

b)      The implementation of PSS, how it can be monitored, and defines any necessary technology. Identify requirements for JCB in order to offer and maintain this service to the customers.

  • Identify the needs and requirement in implementing PSS into any construction company.
  • Develop Product Service System(s)
  • Derive new standards/instruction/guides
  • Identify the technology needed
  • Onboard computer which monitor the performance and status of the product.
  • Improvement of the current generation of the monitor system, Live Link.

 c)      Define the method in how data is collected and use as customer feedback. Studies will be performed, how these data can be used/translated to assist in new product development and current products developments.

  • Procedures and guidelines can be made to specify how data can be collected and organized.
    • Procedures such as SOPs,
    • Program that is specifically designed to collect, display and organized data.  
    • The program can help to visually display the meaning of data.
    • Customers can have full or limited access to their condition of the machines
  • Software
    • Tools such as software or charts

Benefits/ Problems to overcome

  • Green issue
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Cultural Issue
  • Outcome
    • All research will be focused within the UK parameters.
    • A PSS guideline/principle will be defined, tested and proven.
    • Key customers of JCB will be targeted as the main source of information collection.



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