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Dr Tristan Williams


The management of renewable energy technologies implementations within a contracting organisation's processes

Project Title

The implementation of emerging technologies and systems into sustainable projects of the future


BAM Construct UK Ltd


Professor Dennis Loveday
Professor Dino Bouchlaghem

Mr Charlie Law
Mr C Jones

Director of Research:
Professor Stephen Ison

Research period

2008 - 2012

The implementation of emerging technologies and systems into sustainable projects of the future

In the years since the Haig and Latham reports the construction industry has come under the microscope for the energy intensive processes which contribute to climate change.

As a result, clients are now looking at sustainability as the new benchmark to rate construction projects and ensure their investment is seen to be environmentally friendly and viable. Although the existence of renewable energy sources and materials are not a new concept, the speed in which clients are adopting sustainable issues in their requirements has dramatically pressurised the industry’s learning curve.

The industry is responding to this change in the first instance by relying on employing specialist subcontractors and designers. However as HBG are a management company the expert knowledge and experienced gathered on these high profile projects often stays with the limited number of personnel in the construction team and is not incorporated into the whole company infrastructure to assist other projects.

Whilst there is a general awareness of the sustainable practices within the industry, it can be interpreted in various ways and expert knowledge is not achieved until experience has been gathered, often at the cost of the contractor. The current system of knowledge sharing requires adapting to suit the new sustainable technologies.

This research will take a holistic approach to sustainability from design inception through to performance in use, identify the technologies and systems to investigate, identify knowledge gaps within the company, project experience, success and failures, team support and integration into the building services.

It will provide a benchmark for future use of sustainable technologies across the company through the production of sustainable supervision/ design and on site management handbooks, sustainable technologies training and project technology performance monitoring.

The above items whilst not exclusive will assist the project team in the effective installation of sustainable technologies into the design and construction processes and will assist in the information flow to improve current company practices.

Once the above systems are in place the final element of monitoring will be crucial to demonstrate that the inclusion of the new technology systems have been beneficial or will highlight the specific areas which need to be reviewed or improved to ensure the project gets the most of the technology and to maximise the advantage of the company in the sustainable technologies field

Williams, T., Bouchlaghem, N., Loveday, D., Law, C., 2010, “Investigating the responsibility of principal contractors in assessing construction projects through post-occupancy evaluation in the UK construction industry”, Proceedings of 6th International Architectural Engineering and Construction Conference, Penn State, USA, June 2010.

Williams, T., Bouchlaghem, N., Loveday, D., Law, C., 2010, “Investigation into the application of renewable energy technologies within a leading UK contractor”, Proceedings of 9th International  Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies, Shanghai, China, August 2010



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