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Dr Katarzyna Zamara


In situ performance and numerical analysis of lining systems for waste containment

Project Title

Optimising Design of Engineered Waste Containment Systems


Golder Associates (UK) Ltd


Professor Neil Dixon
Dr Paul Fleming

Dr Gary Fowmes
Dr D Jones

Director of Research:
Professor Ison

Research Period

2008 - 2012

Optimising Design of Engineered Waste Containment Systems


Design of landfill waste containment structures involves consideration of interactions between the underlying soils and rocks, mineral and geosynthetic lining elements and the waste body. There is a wide range of waste materials that are placed in landfills (i.e. from compressible and degradable household wastes to relatively incompressible and strong contaminated soils) and these are changing rapidly with time in response to legislation and changing lifestyles. There is a requirement to protect the environment from harmful liquids and gasses produced by the wastes through the design, construction and maintenance of an engineered lining system. This system must operate for many 10s of years until the waste no longer poses a threat to the environment. It must also facilitate operations to stabilise the waste, such as leachate circulation. Current lining system design involves the use of novel materials (e.g. geosynthetics) in composite behaviour with engineered soils, to form large complex structures (e.g. lining systems for steep slopes in deep quarries) and subject to large down drag forces as the waste body compresses and degrades. Research on these issues has been conducted at Loughborough University in collaboration with Golder Associates for over 15 years and has played a major role in developing UK practice.

Sponsoring Partners

Golder Associates is a well respected global group of consulting companies delivering ground engineering and environmental solutions since 1960 to clients around the world. In the UK we employ over 250 staff based in 8 offices (Belfast, Chelmsford, Edinburgh, Leeds, London, Maidenhead, Nottingham and Oxford) with a wider global resource of 6,200 staff based in over 150 offices in 30 countries across 6 continent.

The Department of Civil and Building Engineering at Loughborough is world known for high quality research and is a 5* rated research department. The Department’s Geotechnical Engineering Group has a history of working with industrial partners and has over 15 years experience of researching in-service performance of geosynthetics.

Aims and Scope

The proposed project will research the following integrated topics:
• Investigate in service lining system performance and validate design approaches.
• Develop Eurocode 7 compliant designs.
• Quantify material variability in the design process.
• Use an advanced waste constitutive model to enhance assessment of waste/lining system interaction.

Katarzyna A. Zamara, Neil Dixon, Gary J. Fowmes., 2010. "In-service structural performance of landfill lining components: instrumentation of a side slope lining system." 9th Interantional Conference on Geosynthetics 2010 Brazil.



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