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Dr Christian Christodoulou


Repair and corrosion management of reinforced concrete structures

Project Title

Assessment, Repair and Upgrading of Civil Structures


AECOM / Faber Maunsell


Professor Simon Austin
Dr Chris Goodier

Dr Gareth Glass
Mr John Webb

Director of Research:
Professor Stephen Ison

Research Period

2009 - 2013

Assessment, Repair and Upgrading of Civil Structures

Aims and Objectives

The specific aims and objectives of the project include:

• Provide a basis for improved asset management
• Undertake field work to collect scientific data
• Discuss alternative techniques
• Create a guidance for practising engineers when considering the available options
• Promote sustainability, improve H&S and buildability, consider whole life costing and contribute to Value Management


The work will cover a wide range of activities that a structural engineer is involved in a day to day basis. Review assessment procedures, criteria used for the evaluation of the structures and prioritisation systems.

Furthermore, the various options of repairing structures will be considered such as electrochemical treatments, replacement of elements (i.e. concrete repairs, strengthening etc.) and others. The options will be categorised and factors such as whole — life costing, design implications and durability will be examined in depth. Finally, upgrading of structures will also be considered.

All the aforementioned methods are derived from currently ongoing projects where the Research Engineer is involved and in anticipation of new projects.

Benefits/Expected Outcomes

• Develop major infrastructure asset management strategy
• Undertake testing of field structures to provide concrete results
• Contribute to Quality Assurance systems
• Promote Sustainability — H&S — Durability — Value Management
• Create tools for practising engineers and Technical Approval Authorities

Christodoulou, C, Glass, G, Webb, J, Goodier, C.I and Austin, S.A (2010).  Assessing the long term benefits of Impressed Current Cathodic Protection, Corrosion Science, 52, pp. 2671 – 2679.

Christodoulou, C, Glass, G, Webb, J, Goodier, C.I and Austin, S.A (2009) corrosion management of concrete structures, The Structural Engineer, Volume 87, 23/24, December 2009


Christodoulou, C,  (2006) Investigating the effect of Interrupted Cathodic Protection on reinforced concrete structures, Paper No 9138, Eurocorr, Moscow, 2010.

Christodoulou, C,  (2003)  Electrochemical treatment methods of corroded reinforcement in concrete, 2nd International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting, Cape Town, 2008.

Christodoulou, C,  (2002)  Evaluation of Galvanic Technologies available for Bridge Structures, Structural Faults and Repair Conference, Edinburgh, 2008.

Christodoulou, C,  (2007) Underslung Cable Structures – a Feasible Alternative?, 5th International Conference on current and future trends in bridge design, construction and maintenance, Beijing, 2007.



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