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Dr Emioshor Itoya


Carbon emissions evaluation for highway management and maintenance

Project Title

The determination of a carbon hierarchy and carbon reduction action plan for highways network managers and maintainers


Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services


Professor Stephen Ison
Dr Ashraf El-Hamalawi

Ms Katrina Hazell
Mr Richard Butterfield

Director of Research:
Professor Jim Chandler

Research Period

2008 - 2012

The determination of a carbon hierarchy and carbon reduction action plan for highways network managers and maintainers


It is generally accepted that the greenhouse effect is due to human activities. The most notable among these greenhouse gases is carbon dioxide (CO2) which has the potential to contribute to global warming.

The identification of the potential opportunities to enable informed decision to be made for accurate evaluation and management of this unavoidable gas is imperative. To this end, robust techniques/ framework are required to manage and mitigate its usage in our business activities. Therefore, this research is targeted to address:

Research Aims

To develop a decision support system that can inform "business decisions" relating to carbon reduction for the benefit of both Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services (BBIS) and their clients.

To enable carbon reduction efforts within BBIS to be targeted most productively at relevant points in the organisation. This includes decision making during network management, design, contract management, construction, maintenance, operational and demolition


The specific objectives of the project include:

• Literature review into existing carbon decision support frameworks.

• To develop carbon impacts business analysis frameworks to evaluate carbon hierarchy, area of carbon usage and optimising key potential carbon reduction efforts/initiatives.

• To assess study framework areas to evaluate carbon usage and impacts

• To undertake case studies to evaluate and optimise the framework.

• Implementation and Dissemination of research findings within the business.

• Communication of framework tool(s) developed at the appropriate points in the organisation.

Method and Current Status

Currently, the research is at the development stage. Literatures are being reviewed to identify key players and what has been done in the subject area. More so, robust method(s) is been sort for to ensure the identified business needs within the contexts of this research is adequately address.

Benefits/Expected Outcomes

Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Services (BBIS) has not yet been able to identify a pragmatic means of maximising potential opportunities of carbon reduction initiatives. It is, therefore, necessary to establish a carbon hierarchy of optimum carbon reduction opportunities within our business. These opportunities need to be balanced against any other sensitive output requirements and inputs required to affect a change.

In recognition of this inherent problem, the company has initiated research to develop a business based decision supporting framework for carbon reduction opportunities to enable the company to focus its carbon reduction efforts most productively.

The outcome of this research is expected to contribute to the enhancement of the company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) image, ensure compliance to anticipated regulation for CO2 reduction issues (UK Climate Change Bills, and Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS)).

It is anticipated that this will build stakeholders confidence in BBIS who works in a highly fragmented, regulated and dynamic business environment of Highway, Management, Construction and Maintenance.



Itoya, E., El-Hamalawi, A., Hazell, K., Frost. M.W., & Ison, S., (2010) Improving Organisations Carbon Emissions Reduction: The UK Government's Policies Perspectives




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