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Dr Hong An


Computer-aided Applications in Process Plant Safety (CONFIDENTIAL)

Project Title

Computer-aided Applications in Process Plant Safety


Hazid Technologies Limited


Professor PWH Chung
Dr CHC Machin

Professor PWH Chung
Dr CHC Machin

Director of Research:
Professor CJ Anumba

Research Period

2005 - 2009


Computer-aided Applications in Process Plant Safety

HAZID is a state-of-the art knowledge-based system for hazard identification. It does this by emulating a well-established technique called HAZOP (Hazard and Operability Studies). However, it has a number of non-trivial improvements that can be made to it to make it more user-friendly and the results more assessable to the end-users. The project will aim to investigate and tackle as many as possible the following usability and acceptability issues:

1) Taking CAD input from different sources
2) Supporting the workflow of end-users
3) Allowing the user to specify a sub-set of a plant to analysed
4) Reducing the volume of output so that the user can easily identify what is important
5) Linking HAZID’s capability of qualitative hazard identification with systems that carry out quantitative risk assessment.



An, H. … et al. (2009). Computer-aided identification of isolation boundary for safe maintenance and cause and effect analysis for assessing safeguards, International Journal of Process Systems Engineering, 1(1), pp.29-45.
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1504/IJPSE.2009.027999

An, H. … et al. (2009). Automated Cause-Effect Analysis for Process Plants Proceedings of the ninth International Conference on Chemical & Process Engineering (ICHeaP-9). Rome, Italy, 10-13 may 2009, pp.1281-1287.

An, H. … et al. (2008). A Computer Tool to Support Safe Isolation for Maintenance, Proceedings of International Symposium, Beyond Regulatory Compliance: Making Safety Second Nature, Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Centre, Texas, October 2008, pp.406-415, ISBN: 978-0-615-25170-7.

An, H. … et al. (2007). A Test Bed for Verifying the Correctness of Safety-Related Behavioural Knowledge in Equipment Model for Use in Automated Hazard Identification, Proceedings of the 17th AR2TS - Advances in Risk and Reliability Technology Symposium, L. Bartlett (ed), Loughborough University, 17th AR2TS - Advances in Risk and Reliability Technology Symposium, Loughborough, April 2007, pp 204-218, ISBN 0904947629.



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