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Dr Michael Stillwell


Membrane surface modification: techniques, properties and applications (CONFIDENTIAL)

Project Detail

Membrane Surface Modification: techniques, properties and applications


Micropore Technologies Ltd


Richard Holdich
Professor I Cumming

Dr S. Zhdanov
Dr S.R.Kosvintsev

Director of Research:
C Anumba

Research Period

2004 - 2008

Membrane Surface Modification: techniques, properties and applications


An important aspect in membrane design is controlling the physio-chemical interaction of the membrane with the surrounding fluid and particles, so that the resulting membrane can be tailored for different applications.

This project aims to subject microfiltration membranes to various forms of surface treatment and test them in hydrophilic and hydrophobic applications.

Aims and Objectives

Investigate the chemical and physical interactions of fluids with different types of surface coating applied to microfiltration membranes, and investigate the range of techniques and different chemicals available to produce hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings.

Apply the highest quality and most cost effective coating techniques for both existing and new industrial applications of microfiltration membranes.

Method and Current Status

Demonstrate the effectiveness of different coatings on microfiltration membranes. The coated membranes will be subjected to various post-treatment tests to investigate the fluid/membrane interactions, and will be tested directly in their industrial applications.

Review of current hydrophilic/hydrophobic coating techniques and materials used in any application involving surface coatings. Learning existing techniques for producing hydrophilic and hydrophobic coatings on microfiltration membranes, and testing alternative methods as they are highlighted in the literature review.

Benefits/Expected Outcomes

A range of coatings for microfiltration membranes that are tailored towards specific industrial applications.


An in depth knowledge of the interaction between membrane coatings and the surrounding fluids, more effective membranes for existing applications and further development into new applications.

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