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Dr Shabbir Ahsan


Advanced Communication technologies to Support Collaboration in Construction CONFIDENTIAL

Project Title

Delivering Services over wi-fi to the Construction Site


Myriad Vision


Dr NM Bouchlaghem
Dr A El Hamalawi

Dr S Ahmad
Mr Haris Ahmad

Director of Research:
Professor A Thorpe

Research Period

2003 - 2007

Delivering Services over wi-fi to the Construction Site


Information retrieval in any industry is core to getting the job done. The requirement for information to be accessible anytime anywhere is becoming a realisation. The advent of the pocket pc, and now the merging of the phone with the PDA provides promising prospective to any mobile worker. But these technologies can only go so far in helping information retrieval. Time is still money, so the less time a worker is using the device to scour for the correct piece of information, the better.

Aims and Objectives

To produce a device independent intelligent search system to increase efficiency of data management.

• To understand the information and communication requirements in the engineering sector
• To evaluate current mobile technologies available and future technologies to emerge
• To recognise and understand current data mining/retrieval techniques with the aim of improvement
• To create a system that uses these new techniques and is multi-platform and device independent.

Method and Current Status

The first phase of this project will involve a literature review to ascertain the merits of mobile devices and whether the application of information retrieval is viable. The second stage would then look at ways to improve data mining techniques to enable a greater success rate when searching. A review of the construction industry to ascertain requirements would also be necessary. The use of mobile devices and the complexities they bring into the equation will be analysed with the aim of enabling the mobile worker to utilise the new data mining improvements.

Benefits/Expected Outcomes

• Improved data mining technique which takes into account user profiles.
• The provision of a faster, more efficient system to retrieve important information, which is accessible cross-platform, cross-device.

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