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Dr Scott Moses


Improving interoperability of AEC collaborative software through the creation of Data Exchange Standards (CONFIDENTIAL)

Project Title

Improving interoperability of AEC collaborative software through the creation of Data Exchange Standards




Dr A El Hamalawi
Prof T M  Hassan

Mr M Smith
Dr J Lasson

Director of Research:
Dr C L Pasquire

Research Period

2002 - 2006

Improving interoperability of AEC collaborative software through the creation of Data Exchange Standards


With the use of collaboration systems on construction  projects expected to grow rapidly over the coming years their importance  to the efficiency of the AEC sector is immense. From their simple beginnings these collaborative systems have evolved, through the utilisation of new technologies into complex tools that help enable better collaborative working. However with the increasing demands, from customers for joined up IT solutions to be utilised on construction  projects it is important that collaborative systems keep evolving. This project is aimed at identify new technologies that will enhance the collaborative  products that are used by the industry and bring about new opportunities to the suppliers and consumers of these solutions.

Aims and  Objectives

  • Identify area within Collaborative software that will benefit form the introduction of one of the disruptive technologies  that has been identified, including customer requirement
  • A Determination  of the barriers to a successful implementation  of the disruptive technology into collaborative software.
  • An assessment into the future impact that widespread adoption of this technology will have on software companies and construction organisations.
  • The development of prototype applications  that will showcase the disruptive technologies impacts.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the developed  prototype in delivering real benefits to collaboration  within the construction industry.


  •  Familiarisation
  •  Literature Review
  •  Capture User Requirements
  •  What are the costs/benefits that should be realised through the adoption of the technology within the construction  sector.
  •  Design, implementation  and testing of designed prototype solutions.
  •  Look into the potential that web services have for changing the future way in which construction collaboration  software works.

 Current Stage

  • Production of an XML Based Standard for the exchange of data between Project Extranet Systems. (Supported  by 7 of the leading UK suppliers of project Extranets, see   http://www.ncctp.net)
  • Currently working on XML based messaging via Web Services that will allow access to the functionality of collaborative systems.

 Benefits/Expected Outcomes

  • The results of these sub projects will show how disruptive technologies will impact on collaboration  systems from the perspective of both suppliers and consumers.
  • Ability of determining and presenting a business case for uptake of the new technologies to assist collaborative products.
  • Improvements integration in the IT systems that are used by construction organisations.

Moses, S., Hassan, T.M. and El-Hamalawi, A., An XML Standard to enable Bulk Project Data Transfer between Heterogeneous Systems, International Journal of Construction Information Technology (ITCON), 13, 2008, pp 507 - 518, ISSN: 1400-6529.

Moses, S., El-Hamalawi, A. and Hassan, T.M., The Practicalities of Transferring Data between Project Collaboration systems used by the Construction Industry, International Journal of Automation in Construction, 17(7), 2008, pp 824-830, ISSN: 0926-5805.


Moses, S., Hassan, T.M. and El-Hamalawi, A., The NCCTP Exchange Standards: Impact on the UK Construction Industries Collaborative Technology User Community, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, June 2005, pp. 697-706, ISBN 90 8559 057 4.

Moses, S., El-Hamalawi, A. and Hassan, T.M., The Impact of the NCCTP Data Exchange Standard on the Providers of Collaborative Software to the UK Construction Industry, ., Proceedings of the 2005 International Conference of Computing in Civil Engineering, Cancun, Mexico, ASCE, July 2005, pp, ISBN 0-7844-0794-0.



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