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Dr Gary Fowmes


Analysis of steep sided landfill lining systems

Project Title

Analysis of steep sided landfill lining systems


Golder Associates (UK) Ltd


Professor N Dixon
Dr A El Hamalawi

Dr DRV  Jones
Mr Julian Jones

Director of Research:
Dr PR Fleming

Research Period

2003 - 2007

Analysis of steep sided landfill lining systems


The lining of landfill sites is essential to ensure that contaminated leachate does not escape into the groundwater systems. The integrity of steep sided lining systems has been highly problematic in the past, meaning steep sided voids can not be used to their optimum waste storage capacity.

Aims and Objectives

The specific aims and objectives of the project include:

• Investigation of shear interface data variability
• Analysis of proposed steep wall lining systems
• Implementation and monitoring of a specific system

Method and Current Status

All of the available data on shear strength of Geosynthetic-Geosynthetic and Geosynthetic-Soil interfaces has been collected and analysed to asses its variability. The variability data is to be used as the basis for a probabilistic risk assessment of theoretical landfill slopes.

As the project has only recently begun, the overall methodology is yet to be confirmed.

Benefits/Expected Outcomes

If successful this project would allow steep sided voids, such as decommissioned quarries, to be safely used as waste repositories, with minimal intrusion of the liner into the available void space

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