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Dr Michael Ward


The Capture and Integration of Construction Site Data

Project Title

The Capture & Integration of Construction Site Data


Stent / Balfour Beatty


Dr A D Price
Professor A Thorpe

Mr Cliff Wren
Viv Troughton

Director of Research:
Professor A N Baldwin

Research Period

2000 - 2004


The Capture & Integration of Construction Site Data


Much site level data is captured using paper-based data collection systems. The problems of paper-based systems have been well documented, these include; loss of data integrity, increased errors and data duplication through re-keying. Quality data, construction data, delay data and cost data are being recorded onto paper forms and returned to the office for decomposition, extraction and re-entry into computer systems. Due to its format and the extensive work required for extraction, historical project data is effectively lost to the company. Recent developments in hand-held computing and reduced cost of hardware provide the potential for data capture to be carried out at ‘source’ by the site workforce.

Aims and Objectives

The research project is therefore aimed at investigating the potential use of workforce driven data capture systems, their implementation, and the requirements for a change in site culture.

Method and Current Status

Research will be undertaken into the re-use of site data with particular emphasis given to the use of historical data within ‘expert systems’ to guide future decisions of the company in winning work and ‘live’ project data for efficiently executing new work.

Benefits/Expected Outcomes

While the implementation of such a system will require a change in site culture, the potential benefits for data re-use throughout the company are great.

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