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Member Advice

General Advise

If any member wishes to raise a grievance or finds themselves facing a disciplinary (even informal) they must contact Dave Roche, Unite Senior Representative as soon as possible to receive the correct advice, no matter how small the problem may seem at the time. Do not attend any investigatory meetings without first seeking advice and support from your Unite Reps. Failure to take immediate action in seeking advice could harm your case if this ever went to an Employment Tribunal. If in doubt please ask for advice, support, information and
guidance from your Unite Workplace Representatives.

Victim of Harrassment and Bullying?

Loughborough University operate a zero tolerance policy on Harrassment and bullying. Members who claim to be a victim of harrassment and bullying must keep a concise diary of incidents no matter how small. This diary should contain dates, times and how you felt during and after the alleged incident. This diary is crucial for any claims of harrassment or bullying and will help your representative and your case. Your Union has included a downloadable diary so you can keep a concise record.
This diary should be kept secure and should not be shown to anyone other than your representative.