Loughborough academics return for second episode of Poetry Podcast

Returning for its second episode, ‘School of Poetry’ is back with fresh guests and themes.

‘School of Poetry’, published by Loughborough University, is a podcast dedicated to discussing and analysing the good – and the not so good – within the world of poetry.

Dr Oli Tearle, an author and Lecturer of English at Loughborough, makes his return appearance as host of the educational yet entertaining show, which is now live and available from iTunes, as well as the Apple Podcast app.

Covering a variety of topics, from furry feline friends and Emily Dickinson’s famous work, to brand new feature 'one from the vaults', Dr Oli Tearle is joined by Dr Carol Bolton, an expert in the British Romantic period, and Dr Nick Freeman, a reader in Late Victorian literature.

The previous episode of ‘School of Poetry’ is still available online, and you can keep up to date with the podcast by following @lboroenglish on Twitter.

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