Paul Kenny presenting at academic forum

PhD student presents at international forum on daylight research

Paul Kenny, a PhD student from Loughborough’s School of Civil and Building Engineering, presented his research on ‘The Spectral Microclimate of Indoor Spaces’ at the 4th VELUX Daylight Academic Forum in Berlin earlier this month.

The exclusive forum is held every two years and is dedicated to PhD students working with daylight research. Students from around the world must apply to attend the forum and are accepted based on the relevancy of their research in the field.

This year, 23 PhD students from 10 countries met to share their current research projects with a panel of other fellow PhD students and leading scientific experts from around the world.

The forum aims to provide an opportunity for PhD students to discuss their current research projects and to receive critical feedback at an early stage of their projects; creating space and time for them to discuss research methodology and how they can arrive at better results.

Loughborough Professor John Mardaljevic, also from the School of Civil and Building Engineering, is one of the scientific experts that supported the discussions.

Further information about the event, including attendees and their research topics, is available here