Loughborough graduates ranked as some of the top earning employees in the country

Loughborough’s graduates are among the best paid in the country, especially those who have studied communication, business or architecture – a Government survey has revealed.

According to the Department for Education’s latest report, titled Longitudinal Education Outcomes, released last month, Loughborough ranks 19 out of 125 HE institutions when it comes to earning above the expected salary in 23 subject areas.

The data, gathered by analysing tax returns, focuses on the employment and earnings outcomes in the tax year 2014/15 for those who graduated with an undergraduate degree in 2008/09, 2010/11 and 2012/13.

When the programmes of study are broken down individually, Loughborough’s communication graduates are ranked number one, earning £5,747 above the average salary.

Architecture graduates are fourth in their category (£5,072), and business graduates are the fifth largest earners in their industry making, on average, £7,857 more than the expected salary.

Speaking about Loughborough’s high ranking, the Dean for the School of Business and Economics Professor Stewart Robinson said: “The latest data confirms how well our students perform in the job market, attracting some of the highest salaries among Business School graduates.

“This is founded on the outstanding quality of education and student experience that Loughborough offers.”