9 Nov 2016

Sonobex receives Noise Abatement Society award

Established in 2013, the company’s technology uses acoustic metamaterials to solve noise pollution challenges across industry, including in the energy and transport sectors.

Sonobex has pioneered the development of a patent protected acoustic panel technology, SonoTEC® – a steel construction that enables greater noise reduction for middle and low frequencies in comparison to traditional noise control measures.

Many traditional solutions contain infill materials which typically degrade and consequently have limited low frequency performance.

SonoTEC panels have no acoustic infill reducing the risk of degradation, providing significant environmental benefits and improving the overall performance of the technology.

Sonobex has won a host of awards, including a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship and a Higher Education Innovation Fellowship, enabling co-inventor and co-founder Dr Daniel Elford to commercialise the technology, supported by Loughborough University.

Gloria Elliott, Chief Executive of NAS, daughter of John Connell, said: “NAS congratulates Sonobex on its revolutionary noise control technology, which counteracts sound waves that often affect quality of life and damage the environment.”

Loughborough University Pro Vice Chancellor (Enterprise) Professor Tracy Bhamra said: “We are delighted to see Sonobex win another award for their breakthrough technology. Since their formation in 2013, the company has made some fantastic advances, and we are delighted to follow their progress and achievements.”

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