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Loughborough academics shortlisted for national engineering and science competitions

Three Loughborough University academics are taking part in X Factor style competitions which aim to throw the spotlight on Science and Engineering.

PhD research student, Sarah Hampson is competing in the national “I’m an Engineer, get me out of here!” competition.

The competition, which has run since 2012, includes engineers from a range of academic and industry backgrounds.

Entrants were selected on how clearly they described their engineering work in one sentence to a primary and high school demographic.

Sarah, who is competing in the Diagnosis Zone category, explained her research on 3D printing through the sentence: “I’m trying to 3D print mini devices that can analyse cells, pollen and other tiny things.”

Also competing in sister competition “I’m a Scientist, get me out of here!” are Loughborough Biomechanics lecturer Laura-Anne Furlong and PhD student Katy Griggs.

“I’m a Scientist...” follows the same format as the engineering version. Laura-Anne and Katy are both a part of the Sports Science Zone category.

Laura-Anne's research focuses on understanding how muscles and tendons behave during activities such as walking and running activities, with applications in injury prevention and rehabilitation.

Katy’s research focuses on how sport science can be used in Paralympic sport. As part of her PhD, Katy investigates how athletes with a spinal cord injury control their body temperature.

School students from across 60 schools are now asking the engineers and scientists about their professions through an online live chat. Based on the answers they give participants will then get voted off through an X Factor style format.

The purpose of the competitions are to give students the opportunity to engage with engineers and scientists and learn more about their professions. In each competition, the winner is awarded £500 to spend communicating their subject area to the public in some way.

The competitions launched on 7 November and run until 18 November.

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