Drama students present a night of thrills in final-year show

Loughborough University Drama students are set to present an evening at the Grand-Guignol for their final-year production, taking place 1-3 June.

Entitled Blood, Sweat and Sperm: An Evening at the Grand-Guignol, the production is a festival of six short plays, acted and directed by students, inspired by the famous Théâtre du Grand-Guignol in Paris (1897-1962).

Performing two comedies and four horrors in the style of the famous horror house, the production will showcase the creativity, drive, and talent of students at Loughborough.

The plays are as follows:

  • The Wax Museum by André de Lorde and Georges Montignac (1910)

Directed by Lewis Wood and Gabriella Shier

There’s a riot outside, and the safest place to hide out is amongst the severed heads of murderers. Sounds completely safe, right? Fear is a manmade concept, you’re sure you’ll be fine. If you are not afraid of the dark already then you soon will be, as you enter our Wax Museum in the dark and dreary streets of suburban Paris.

  • Kama Sutra by Régis Gignoux (1922)

Directed by Fraser Hemphill and Demi Lee Baker

Fancy a peek at the Kama Sutra? Well you’ll have to join the queue in the Beroutte household. Prepare for fun and frolics as your deepest and darkest fantasies are unveiled. Snooping doesn’t always lead to what you want… or does it?

  • The Ultimate Torture by André de Lorde and Eugène Morel (1900)

Directed by Saskia Ingham-Jerrey and Demi Lee Baker

You’ve been trapped inside the French embassy for longer than you can remember.

The Boxer Rebellion is taking place just outside the doors, and you know they’ll be coming for you soon; you can see the horizon ablaze with the buildings they’ve already sieged. Cabin fever begins to set in. You can’t let them take you alive. What do you do?

  • The Unhinged by Olaf and Pierre Palau (1921)

Directed by Amy Larham and Felicity Carr

The promiscuous life. The communal life. What really lies behind the doors of an all-girls boarding school? Watch the sordid reality unfold at the annual school prize-giving, where the disappearance of young schoolgirl Lucienne causes uproar. Watch your backs; the horror is never too far from home…

  • Tics by René Berton (1908)

Directed by Jordan Dye and Rebecca Hutton

Feeling unwell? Need a thorough examination? Well you’ve come to the right place for a complete physical. Whatever your problem, Dr Martin is sure to help you out with a good thorough rub-down. But be warned: once you’ve done the deed, there’s no concealing your naughty infidelities in this comical tale of seduction, sauciness and sex…

  • The Old Women by André de Lorde and Alfred Binet (1922)

Directed by Ellen O’Grady and Hayley Button

Eye-gouging, face-burning, malicious crones… our evening at the Grand-Guignol ends at the Saint-Leger mental asylum. Little Louise is trying to plan her departure but the old women are determined to throw some frightening obstacles in her way. Will anyone ever escape the mad house? Enter at your peril…

The production will be held at the Sir Robert Martin Theatre at 7.30pm. Tickets are priced at £5 for students and £7 for the general public. To avoid disappointment, please book in advance via the website.

There will also be two performances of this production at The Yard Theatre in London on Monday 13 June. To book tickets for this production, click here.

Please note this production contains strong language and content of a violent and sexual nature, so is not suitable for younger viewers.

Please contact Sophie Evingar for more information. 



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