Loughborough University’s Executive Director of Sport defends RFU’s position on tackling in school rugby

Loughborough University’s Executive Director of Sport has today confirmed his support for the Rugby Football Union (RFU) recommendations on the safety of tackling in secondary school rugby.

This follows yesterday’s open letter calling for a ban on tackling in school rugby, arguing injuries from this 'high-impact collision sport' can have lifelong consequences for young people.

The RFU, who govern and dictate the rules of the game, make it clear that safety is paramount to anyone playing rugby at any level.

Executive Director of Sport at Loughborough University, John Steele said:

“Every sport offered at school and university level has risks associated with it. The RFU are responsible for implementing the necessary rules and regulations to ensure their sport is as risk free as possible.

“We believe that the RFU is taking a wide series of actions to ensure that their sport is as risk free as possible."

John went onto say: “Rugby is a physical game, but if taught properly I don’t believe it offers any greater risk than many other sports or activities.

“Life is full of risks, and when taught and officiated properly sport can play a crucial role in developing young people’s life skills, and resilience."



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