7 Apr 2016

Loughborough launches crowdfunding appeal to support high achieving students on their university journey

The campaign, on the Crowdfunder website, is aiming to generate £10,000 of funding, which will provide support for high achieving students from lower income backgrounds who might find it more difficult than others to finance their education.

“The transition from school to university can be a really exciting time, but we know that the financial implications of going into higher education can be daunting for some students and their families,” says Emma Leech, Director of Marketing and Advancement. “We want to make sure that no one is deterred from studying for a degree, and that talented students from lower income families have the chance to further their education and reach their full potential.”

To support such students, Loughborough offers a broad scholarships package, which includes the Development Trust Scholarships, funded through generous donations from the University’s alumni and other supporters.

Emma continues: “Our graduates regularly tell us that the experience they had at Loughborough had a huge bearing on their future. It gave them the knowledge, skills and experience that enabled them to get into and advance in their chosen career. Now we’d like them, and our other supporters, to help us ensure that the next generation of students at Loughborough can benefit from that same experience.”

The £10,000 target will allow the University to offer one Development Trust Scholarship, worth £9,000 over three years, and two Hardship Bursaries of £500 each. Hardship Bursaries support students who find themselves in unforeseen financial difficulty while they are studying for their degree.

Christina, who is studying for a BSc in Psychology, received a Development Trust Scholarship in 2014.

"The Scholarship has made such a difference to me,” says Christina. “It’s enabled me to make the most of the opportunities at Loughborough, which will have a hugely positive impact on whatever I decided to do next.

“My main goal at the moment though is to gain a First Class Honours degree and to show just how much students from less privileged backgrounds can achieve if they have access to the right support, such as a Development Trust Scholarship.

“By donating to the Scholarships you’re providing students like me with a real vote of confidence, showing that you believe in their potential to excel as a Loughborough University student, and I want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us in the past and to those who will in the future. A gift, no matter how small, makes a real difference.”

To help support other students like Christina, go to Loughborough’s Development Trust Scholarships crowdfunding campaign site.