8 Apr 2016

Barrister explores institutional sexism and women’s rights in guest lecture

Charlotte, a Barrister in family law and fearless advocate for women’s rights, was thrust into the public eye last year for calling out a male, senior member of the legal profession who complimented her on her appearance via a message on networking site, LinkedIn.

Taking place on 18 April, her lecture, titled Breaking the cycle of institutional sexism in the legal profession with quotas for women, will explore the wider problems of this kind of institutional sexism within the legal profession.

In her lecture, she will explore how feminists have been campaigning against sexist and discriminatory laws for centuries.

With only approximately 13% of Queen’s Counsel and 25% of Judges being women, Charlotte suggests that the people writing and enforcing the law are disproportionately biased to one gender, ethnicity, and class.

Her argument is that, if the law predominantly male, white and upper-class, only quotas for women will ensure gender equality in a legal profession infused with sexism.

The event has been organised in collaboration with Gendered Lives Research Group  which includes members from across the University including English, History, Sociology, Art, Media Studies, Political Thought, Engineering and Biology. 

The lecture will take place at the Loughborough Design School at 4pm-5pm.

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