Charity awarded £5200 from Loughborough University Community Donation Fund

Representatives from Loughborough University have presented local charity Joseph’s Storehouse with a cheque for £5200 to help support their work.

The charity provides food parcels, clothing and other essential items to a wide range of homeless and disadvantaged people across Loughborough.

They will use the donation from the University to employ a dedicated member of staff to organised food parcel sessions and engage with those in need of help, on a more regular basis.

Joseph’s Storehouse supports more than 400 families across Loughborough. They applied for funding through the University’s Community Donation Fund programme.

The University runs its annual donation fund to help community based groups and charities hold events, plan schemes or purchase materials they need.

Today, Friday 1 May, Joseph’s Storehouse were officially awarded with their £5200 cheque from the Special Projects Fund. The Special Projects Fund is just one of five funds available. The fund is specifically designed to provide support for projects that are ‘one-off’ or exceptional in nature.

Judith Spence, voluntary manager of Joseph’s Storehouse, said “We’re thrilled to have received the funding from Loughborough University and know it’s going to make a huge difference to our charity.

“We have some amazing volunteers, who give up a lot of their time to help, but the demand is constant and it’s a lot for anyone to take on in their spare time. The donation will help overcome this by funding a dedicated member of staff to manage the food parcel service as a whole.

“The Donation Fund really does help to support community and voluntary groups in the area which is fantastic.”

Alison Barlow, Stakeholder Relations Manager at Loughborough University said: We’re delighted to support Joseph’s Storehouse through our Special Projects Fund this year and hope our donation goes a long way.

“Being able to help those who are in need is what the Community Donation Fund is about. The team at the charity go above and beyond to keep it running so we’re pleased to have been able to support them with this donation.” 

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