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Scientists set out to develop first ever Hydration Index

Scientists at Loughborough University are developing an index to identify which drinks provide the most hydration.

Not all drinks are equally hydrating, and their individual composition plays a large role in influencing the rates they are absorbed by, and excreted from, the body.

Hydration isn’t only important for sports performance; studies show hydration levels can also affect performance and attention span at work.

Researchers will test drinks including water, milk, orange juice, tea, coffee, regular and diet fizzy drinks, sports drinks, and lager.

Loughborough experts are hoping to develop the index, which would be the hydration equivalent of the Glycaemic Index (GI) which defines blood glucose response to the ingestion of food.

This is the first time such a wide selection of drinks has been compared within the same study.

Lead researcher Dr Phil Cordery from the University’s School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences, explains:                            

“We want to quantify the differences between as many drinks as possible to be able to provide guidance on which provide the best levels of hydration.

“By comparing a wide range of drinks, and verifying results in a series of follow-up studies, we hope to develop a Hydration Index that can be used by the general public as well as elite athletes.”

Researchers are looking for healthy males aged 18 to 35 to take part in the study. Volunteers will be asked to attend the Loughborough University labs on five separate occasions, each visit lasting up to five hours.   

To find out more or register your interest contact Dr Cordery on 01509 226 347 or email                     

The study has been funded by the European Hydration Institute.

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