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Loughborough previews courses it will offer as part of FutureLearn

Loughborough University has revealed a taster of the courses it will offer as part of FutureLearn, the first UK-led provider of massive open online courses (MOOCs), which launches today (18 September).

Loughborough will provide courses in mathematics, enterprise and innovation – areas in which the University already has a well-established reputation for excellence.

The enterprise and innovation course, which will enable students to learn how an innovative idea becomes a reality, will be launched fully in early 2014. It will last for six weeks and will be a stepping stone for further study at Loughborough University.

The delivery of the course is being led by Loughborough’s renowned School of Business and Economics, the only business school to be offering courses through FutureLearn.

Phil Wilkinson-Blake, Director of IT and E-Learning for the School, says it will provide students with an insight into a very exciting subject area.

“Innovation is a hot topic around the world right now. Introducing something new or innovating is easy in theory, but can be hard in practice. We’re surrounded by new ideas, but selecting the best and implementing them can be challenging.

“The Loughborough course will allow learners to find out more about entrepreneurs and innovators, how we can spot opportunities and transform that bright idea into something tangible.”

Loughborough University will also offer a mini-MOOC in mathematics. Lasting three weeks, it will be aimed at those who aspire to study science or engineering foundation courses.

“The course is designed for those who have gained some understanding of mathematics or engineering through their work or maybe a vocational qualification, but haven’t studied those subjects formally since school,” explains Tony Croft, Professor of Mathematics Education at Loughborough. “The MOOC will provide those students with a bedrock of knowledge that will help to enhance their skills and provide them with the confidence to take their studies further.”

Loughborough’s mathematics mini-MOOC is expected to launch fully in the spring of next year.