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New study explores whether exercise can reduce appetite

Image: ThinkStock

Loughborough University researchers are about to embark on a new study to better understand the relationship between exercise and appetite.

Exercise is widely agreed to be a key component in achieving weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. But whilst studies have been conducted looking at immediate effects of exercise on appetite, there has been little research into longer-term reactions.

This latest study will look at the impact of back-to-back days of exercise on the appetite regulatory hormones ghrelin and PYY3-36.

Researcher Jessica Douglas in the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences explains:

“We know exercise affects the hormones that control our appetite in the short-term. Now, we want find out whether these effects continue into a second day of exercise or if, longer-term, the body looks to replace the energy used.

“If we can better understand the impact of exercise on our appetite, findings could provide useful information to help generate guidelines for weight control through exercise.”

The researchers are looking to recruit healthy, non-smoking males aged 18 to 40 for the study. Participants would need to attend the university laboratory three times – once for a preliminary visit and twice for the trial days which will include 60 minutes of exercise each day. All meals will be provided.

To take part in the study please contact Jessica Douglas on