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New sculpture celebrates heritage of Covent Garden

John Atkin's new sculpture 'Powerhouse'

A stunning new work by world renowned sculptor John Atkin of Loughborough University has been installed in the heart of London.

John was commissioned by Maiden Lane Limited to prepare a piece of public art for a residential and restaurant development at Bull Inn Court, Covent Garden. The site is the location of the former Charing Cross Electricity Supply Company which supplied power to theatres across the West End in the early 1900s and John’s brief was to reinforce the culture and heritage of the area.

His sculpture, ‘Powerhouse’, relates to notions of movement, specifically reflecting the machinery associated with the building’s former use.  The design incorporates cogs, levers and pulleys, replicating some of the items from the old power company that were salvaged from the site prior to the redevelopment.

The notion of movement in the design is also important because of the location of the artwork - a discreet area between The Strand and Maiden Lane.  It is designed to encourage footfall between these two particularly busy areas Covent Garden.

The sculpture connects successfully with contemporary architectural structures that can be found in the area in general, such as the twisting walkway at the London Ballet School in Floral Lane.

Made from bronze, the artwork is designed to be long-lasting and maintenance free.  The colour and materials were chosen to reflect aged machinery and to harmonise with the existing colour and textures of the Bull Inn Court space.

John has worked for Loughborough University’s School of the Arts for 20 years.  He was personally funded by Henry Moore to study at Royal College of Art and since then has become a globally renowned artist. As well as the UK, his output can be viewed in countries such as North America, Australia and China. He has produced landmark artworks for major events such as the Beijing Olympics as well as signature sculptures for major international regeneration projects.