Pooja Goddard

Senior Lecturer in Chemistry

Pooja Goddard

I am a Senior Lecturer in Chemistry within the School of Science. My research focuses on computational studies of fundamental processes in complex materials at the atomic/quantum scale. This requires a good understanding of the structural, electronic, magnetic and transport properties which are crucial in identifying novel functional materials for sustainable energy and or catalytic applications.

I am an avid baker and love to cook, especially for my friends, colleagues and loved ones. I love being outdoors, usually hiking, cycling or gardening. Other than that, I enjoy playing as well as watching various sports. I play Badminton with the staff club at Loughborough twice a week when I can. I also love to read and try to paint with watercolours or acrylics when time permits.

International Women’s Day means a celebration of both women and men. Women who have done well, women who are struggling and men who support women at all levels to achieve the things that they do. It’s a partnership and one cannot succeed without the other. The tide is changing and that is only a positive thing. I hope there will be a time when we won’t need International Women’s Day, as everyday will be a celebration of the great things that women do.

Who inspires me

There have been many women who have inspired me. My mum always told me as a child, “nothing is impossible, if you want to do it you can – just go ahead and never give up”. She was educated only until lower secondary school in Tanzania, but she ran two successful businesses in Kenya and, most importantly, had huge aspirations for her children and that is all one needs, someone to believe in you.