Sophie Crouchman & Claire Jagger

Senior Planning Officer & Organisational Development Adviser

Claire and Sophie met through working at Loughborough University several years ago and became friends.

They decided to complete a joint submission in the spirit of women supporting women, both professionally and personally, for IWD2019.

Sophie: I’ve worked at Loughborough for 12 years in a variety of roles and I currently work in the Planning Office in a job I really enjoy. My links to Loughborough go back further than 12 years though, as my parents met here in the late 60s! My daughter spent four years at the campus nursery, so we really are a #LboroFamily. 

Claire: I have been working at the University for nearly 15 years. I am also a Loughborough alumna with a master’s in Information Management and Library Studies. I embrace geek chic - I love to read, write, do jigsaws, play board games and watch boxsets! Buffy the Vampire Slayer is my absolute favourite and perfect watching for International Women’s Day. All of this is better with a glass of dry white wine in hand. I also spend a lot of my time supporting my amazing 10-year-old daughter who is training to be a competitive climber and is currently 8th in the UK in her age group.

Sophie: IWD is a celebration of the myriad accomplishments of women from a diverse range of communities across the globe as we strive for a better future for all girls and women, one where they can have equality of opportunity in all walks of life. To me it also represents one of the best things about being a woman and that’s the amazing support network that we build with other women!

Claire: That we should celebrate women and their achievements! That we should recognise our strengths, our vulnerabilities, our challenges and that we will strive to give my daughter, and all the girls like her, the opportunities, recognition, equality and love they deserve!