Sarah Roberts

Loughborough alumna

I studied at Loughborough University between 2003-2007, graduating in graphic communication.

I travel a lot with my work, so that takes up a lot of my time, but it’s also pleasure because I love travelling. I am a blogger in my spare time, where I share my experiences of my cancer journey and my passion for food as therapy for time out in this busy world. It is my creative outlet outside of my job.

International Women’s Day is a reminder and a celebration that we are all human, and all as important as one another. I support the self-promotion of both women and men, but being a woman and working in a predominantly male industry I realise we should all celebrate and recognise our achievements. It’s quite amazing how such a day can make you reflect and realise how far things have come and how much determination and work there was involved in getting to the place we are today. Days like this offer reflection, and reflection is a powerful thing.