Kerrine Bryan

Loughborough alumna

Kerrine Bryan

I completed my MBA in Business Administration at Loughborough in 2010 and am a Chartered electrical engineer working for a large oil and gas organisation.

Alongside my work as an engineer, I am also an author, creating picture books for children based on careers. My engineering-themed book ‘My Mummy is an Engineer’ combines drawings with empowering text to inspire young children.

I founded my own publishing house, Butterfly Books, and am passionate about changing perceptions of careers in children. Other books include ‘My Mummy is a Plumber’ and ‘My Mummy is a Scientist’, introducing the idea of women in male-dominated careers to youngsters. Outside of work, I have always enjoyed dancing. Brazilian Samba is my favourite style, but I’ll try any style as dancing always makes me happy and clears my mind.

Working in a male-dominated field, as well as being an author of children’s books addressing gender bias, this year’s International Women’s Day theme – Balance for Better – is so important for a future-ready society.