Jess Excell

Student Ambassador Coordinator

Jess Excell

I started my Loughborough journey in 2012 when I joined the mighty Rutherford Hall as a timid fresher undertaking a course in English and Drama.

Since then, I have taken on a wealth of opportunities and have welcomed the experiences and friendships that Loughborough has given me.

I graduated in 2015 and was elected as Union President to represent the student body, be the head of the Students’ Union and manage a team of 16 Executive Officers. Now, seven years on from my first step on to campus, I now work within the Marketing and Advancement department, helping to inspire other students to think about higher education and make the right decision on their future.

Not only is it a day to recognise and celebrate the inner strength and achievements of all women across the globe, but a time to combat the gender stereotypes and entrenched biases that are pervasive within our culture. We need to let women choose their own direction, thoughts and feelings and not place any expectations or judgements on that choice. Whether it be in sport, motherhood, STEM, politics or leadership – let us decide, treat us fairly and do not limit our progression.