Amy Gressier

Marketing Intern

I am the Marketing Intern on placement in the School of Business and Economics, originally a student in the Computer Science Department.

Alongside this, I am the President of the Department Students’ Federation, as well as the Media and Publicity Officer for Loughborough Nightline. Outside of work, my favourite thing to do is go to various Welfare events at the Union, whether it be with my fellow Nightline committee members or a couple of friends, the Welfare and Diversity section is always such great company. I also spend a lot of time volunteering when I have the time and doing media for Nightline.

International Women’s Day is so important. Whilst I have never personally felt unequal or disadvantaged as a woman, I know there are millions of women out there who are subjected to inequality and abuse on a daily basis. Having a day where we can celebrate women, what we do and how far we have come reminds me that there is still time to make a difference for women internationally.